Our Nose Job Surgeon Debunks 5 Nose Job Myths

Just like with any topic, rhinoplasty has been the center of many circulating myths. Here are five myths and common misunderstandings that have been debunked and proven to be as false as Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage.

Our nose job NYC & rhinoplasty New York surgeons debunk 5 nose job myths. Free consultation in NYC & Long Island.

1.    I’m Going to Feel Something During Surgery!

This is not true! Because of the use of anesthesia, there is no pain involved in a rhinoplasty surgery.

The surgeon will administer either a general anesthetic, which will put the patient completely asleep, or a local anesthetic which will render the nose entirely numb and the patient will still be awake for the process.

There will be swelling, bruising, and need for pain meds in the weeks following surgery, but as for on the table, there is no need to worry about feeling a thing.

2.    I Can Have Any Nose I Want!

It is not uncommon that people enter into the process with our nose job NYC and Long Island surgical team with the misnomer that any shape, size, or look can be achieved for their nose. This is not true.

Every nose has a different core structure and a set amount of area and surface to work with. Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will be able to determine the right way of reshaping your nose to fit the look you want.

However, it won’t be as if you are simply trading out your nose for a new one like you are a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head.

3.    This Kind of Plastic Surgery Will Be Scarless!

This is a common myth mostly because it is partly true. The false part is that, yes, there is a tiny scar if your procedure is an “open rhinoplasty”.

The truth in the myth is that the scar left from an open rhinoplasty is generally so small and strategically hidden that virtually no one will see it. In a closed rhinoplasty, all of the incisions (and scars) are made inside of the nose – a scarless procedure.

4.    Don’t Stay in the Sun Too Long or That New Nose Will Melt from the Inside.

Your new nose will certainly not having any melting going on. The word “plastic” in plastic surgery does not actually refer to the use of plastic material in this procedure.

It comes from a Greek word meaning “move or form.” Anything added or placed in your nose will be from your own cartilage, skin, or bone.

5.    Everybody Will Notice my New Nose.

This will most likely not happen. If you had a major change to your nose, like the removal of a large hump, then it is possible for more people to be aware of the change.

Generally, though, only close family and friends who really knew your look before will see the change without you showing them. Everyone else will simply not be able to put their finger on what’s different but they will think you look amazing (it must be a new haircut)!

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