It’s rare to have been born with a perfectly shaped or proportionate nose. In fact, many women wish their nose were smaller. They would love for it to simply be more proportionate to their face. If you’re faced with this situation, here are 5 easy ways to make a large nose appear smaller.

5 Ways to Make Your Nose Appear Smaller Without Rhinoplasty

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#1: Use Foundation

Foundation can make your nose appear smaller. Use a foundation that’s about two shades darker than your skin tone. Start with the area in between your eyebrows. Bring the foundation down on both sides of the nose.

Blend the foundation completely, so you can hardly notice the darker foundation, but you may already see the difference in the size of your nose.

From this point, place your regular color foundation over your nose and face. Again, blend it in.

Place a matte finish powder over your entire face. This will give your face a flawless finish, and amazingly enough, a smaller looking nose. Darker shades help to disguise areas of the face where we want less attention.

#2: Draw the Eyes to the Cheeks with Blush

If you don’t like the idea of using darker foundation, consider using blush instead. You can bring attention instead to rosier cheeks, which would take away from your nose. Don’t go overboard with it; add just enough blush so that the cheeks are more prominent. Dust a highlighting powder to the upper cheek bones to draw the eyes away from the nose.

#3: Plump Up Lips Instead

Just like drawing attention to your cheeks, you can apply this same technique to the lips. Use red or pink lip color to bring out the lips. Use a similar color lip liner for even more defining. You can make your lips bigger by drawing a line around the lips, and then filling it in with the lip color and blending. You can also add a smudge of shimmer lip gloss to the center of the lips to create the illusion of fuller lips.

#4: Change Your Hairstyle

Bigger hair will make your face look smaller, which will make your nose appear small. You can curl, tease, or throw your hair up to accomplish bigger hair.

Some people believe parting the hair to the side can also make a big nose look less obvious. Try it for yourself to see if it makes a difference.

#5: Use Bronzer in Strategic Areas

By dusting on a bronzer to the areas of the nose you want to detract attention from, you can create an optical illusion that looks as if your nose is smaller than it is. If you have a large nasal tip, try dusting bronzer directly on the tip as well as just underneath the nose.

For a nasal hump, use bronzer directly over the hump and extend the brush strokes down to the tip of the nose. To reduce the appearance of a wider nose, place bronzer in either side of the nose from the bridge down to the tip.

Still Considering Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty, most popularly known as nose job surgery, can make your nose smaller. Many patients decide to do this after they have tried everything to make themselves feel better about their nose.

They’ve tried all of the makeup tricks and hairstyle changes but nothing seems to make them feel more confident about their looks.

If this sounds like you, consider getting a consultation to see if rhinoplasty is right for you. There are many ways to change the shape and size of the nose to help it balance better with the face. Our many before & after photos can help you see what you could look like after surgery.

Our New York rhinoplasty centers in NYC and Long Island have highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons ready to discuss how this procedure could benefit you. Simply call one of our centers in Manhattan or Long Island at 212-206-0023 or 631-499-1831 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

The rhinoplasty or nose job procedure is a safe but complex one. With a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, you’ll finally love your nose!