Age related rhinoplasty from some of the best cosmetic surgeons in NYC. Tip rhinoplasty, deviated septum, nose job in New York.As we get older, many areas of the face and body begin to change and show the signs of age and the nose is no exception.

Though the nose reaches its final adult shape around the age of 16, it can continue to change throughout adulthood and into old age due to various individual and environmental factors.

Some individuals experience a dramatic change in the nasal contour as they get older and for these individuals rhinoplasty can help to restore a more youthful appearance.

Common Age Related Changes in the Nose

There are many ways in which the nose may change over time. Below are some of the more common changes seen in older patients:

·         Elongation of the tip

·         Drooping of the tip

·         Narrowing or collapse of the nasal sidewalls

·         Thickening of the skin

·         Bulbous appearance

·         Hanging columella

·         Prominent dorsum

Rejuvenating the Nose with Rhinoplasty

Not all individuals experience age-related changes in the nose and some who do may not be concerned with these changes. However, for those who are bothered by aging issues in the nose, rhinoplasty can help. A variety of techniques may be used to improve the nose and restore a more youthful and natural appearance.

Tip plasty (tip rhinoplasty) and bulbous tip rhinoplasty techniques may be used to raise a drooping tip or add definition to the tip. Grafting techniques may be used to improve narrowing or eliminate collapse.

For those who also experience breathing problems related to a deviated septum, septoplasty may be performed as well. For these patients, an improved appearance and better breathing can result after deviated septum surgery and rhinoplasty. Patients can even undergo skin resurfacing procedures to address age spots and sun damage on the nose and other areas of the face.

Most older patients seeking rhinoplasty want a more natural look. They typically want their nose to more closely resemble how it looked in earlier years rather than a trumped-up version of someone else’s nose (such as a celebrity’s nose). For this reason, conservative and subtle changes are often the best approach.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our surgeons have extensive experience in rhinoplasty and addressing age-related changes in the nose. Among those seeking a nose job in New York, they are thought by many of our patients to be the best cosmetic surgeons in NYC and Long Island, providing exceptional results and outstanding patient care.

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