The word Rhinoplasty is derived from Greek words ‘Rhinos’ and ‘Plassein’.  ‘Rhinos’ means Nose, and ‘Plassein’ means to shape. Quite literally, Rhinoplasty means, “to shape the nose”.

This procedure can be both cosmetic and reconstructive.  This procedure was first developed in ancient India, by the ayurvedic physician Sushruta (ca. 800 BC), who described reconstruction of the nose in the Sushruta samhita (ca. 500 BC), his medico–surgical compendium.

As well as Sushruta, Surgery Prof. Gasparo Tagliacozzi and Dr. Karl Ferdinand von Gräfe had hands in building the art and science of rhinoplasty by writing about and improving the techniques involved.

History of rhinoplasty and nose job surgery with the facial plastic surgeons at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in NYC and Long Island.Early rhinoplasty procedures were crude and fostered many complications including:

  • scarring
  • bleeding
  • infection

These complications exist today, but usually when the surgeon’s skill and procedural knowledge is as limited as the founding fathers of the procedure itself.

Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure and a skilled surgeon should be familiar with the way a patient’s nose is going to respond to surgery. Scar tissue is a natural response to surgery and it is vital that a patient does the proper research before putting their appearance and health in someone’s hands.

Our facial plastic surgeons on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team have been called the best rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC and Long Island by our patients and they will work closely with you to restore the appearance of your face.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be used to not only enhance the look and shape of the nose, but to actually fix the appearance of a broken or misaligned nose. It can also help you breathe easier if you suffer from a deviated septum.

If there is an area of yourself that you are not completely satisfied with, why not change it? If you struggle with a physical aspect of yourself that simply can’t be ignored, plastic surgery has been proven to raise self-esteem. If you would like to enhance your appearance, give our nose job NYC or Long Island offices a call today.