Though it’s rare to have a perfectly straight septum, most people don’t suffer any ill effects from a crooked nasal wall. Issues occur when the crookedness is so severe that it interferes with breathing, or noticeably affects the nasal appearance. Luckily, nasal surgery is an effective method for permanently improving breathing and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Deviated Septum Surgery | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NYHow Does it Work?

During a septoplasty (deviated septum operation), the surgeon removes excess cartilage, bone, and tissue in order to straighten the nose. A facial plastic surgeon can often combine this surgery with a rhinoplasty, since many septoplasty patients are unhappy with their nasal appearance. What are the benefits of a septoplasty?

Breathe Better

If the nose is so crooked that breathing is hindered, a septoplasty can provide enormous relief, particularly during sleep. Breathing problems can cause direct discomfort and contribute to other problems, such as lack of sleep.

Nasal Aesthetics

Though many people with a deviated septum were born with the problem, some people develop nasal crookedness through an injury to the nose. In either case, internal crookedness can sometimes present itself outside the nose. Undergoing a rhinoplasty at the same time as a septoplasty can correct these aesthetic issues.

Other Perks

Correcting a deviated septum can alleviate problems such as frequent nosebleeds and sinus infections. For patients who snore, a septoplasty can provide great relief for both the patient, and anyone sharing a room with them! Insurance will usually cover any functional portion of the surgery. However, if a septoplasty is combined with a rhinoplasty, the patient will almost certainly have to cover any aesthetic costs out of pocket.

If you’re ready for a beautiful, functional nose, our rhinoplasty New York specialists are here to help. You don’t have to live with poor breathing or a crooked nose. Our nose job NYC  and Long Island surgeons have many years of experience producing beautiful outcomes. For more information, and to discuss your candidacy, contact our rhinoplasty Long Island or Manhattan offices to schedule a free consultation.