Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife to Prince William, has one of the best looking noses in the media. So it’s no wonder that tons of women throughout the US and UK are undergoing rhinoplasty surgery procedures to have their nose look like hers.

The Latest Trend in Cosmetic Surgery

According to several news sources, a large amount of women are asking their plastic surgeons to make their nose look more like Kate Middleton’s. One British facial plastic surgeon even said that rhinoplasty done to mimic Middleton’s nose was the most requested surgery procedure he did in 2012.

The latest trends in women who ask to look like Kate Middleton from the royal family. Visit Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in NYC and Long Island.The princess has a very feminine nose that suites her face perfectly. It is petite and a bit turned up at the end. More women want to obtain her facial aesthetics.

Even if you don’t want Middleton’s nose and just need corrective surgery so that you can breathe more efficiently, rhinoplasty can help you fulfill your needs.

Getting Your Dream Nose

If you want Kate Middleton’s adorable nose, or just want to make your own more attractive, you need to go to a plastic surgeon who can deliver the results you want.

At our rhinoplasty New York and Long Island offices, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can provide you with your dream nose. Working closely with you to understand your exact requests, our surgeons can give you a gorgeous nose in no time at all, and the surgery can fit within your financial budget.

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team’s innovative techniques will give you a natural look without any scarring (for “closed rhinoplasty” procedures only), so nobody will have to know that you ever went under the knife.

If you’re ready for a great nose, call our nose job NYC and Long Island facilities today to set up an initial consultation. You do not have to be British royalty to get the nose you’ve always wanted. You’re going to love the way you look!