Our Rhinoplasty Long Island & NYC Patients Request Celebrity Nose Jobs

Getting Celebrity Nose Jobs Minus the Paparazzi

Our rhinoplasty Long Island and nose job NYC surgeons discuss why patients request celebrity nose jobs. Free consultation.At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our nose job Long Island and NYC specialists are often asked by patients if their nose can be made to look like a particular celebrity’s nose.

While it can be very helpful to bring in pictures of noses that you do like, such as a celebrity’s nose or model’s nose, it is important to remember that photos are best used as a communication tool and starting point and not as an exact representation of what can be achieved through nasal surgery.

Most Requested Celebrity Nose Jobs

Natalie Portman and Jennifer Anniston have two of the most requested noses when it comes to celebrity nose jobs. And while these two celebrities certainly do have nice noses, it’s important to remember that their particular nose may not look right on your face.

Anniston’s nose, for example, has a refined tip and narrow bridge that looks best on women with thin, oval-shaped faces. For many other women, her nose would not be a good fit. Other celebrities who are commonly cited for their ideal noses include Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson, Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman.

For male rhinoplasty, the most requested celebrity noses include those of Jude Law, Josh Duhamel, and Ben Affleck. At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our rhinoplasty Long Island and NYC specialists will work closely with you to meet your goals and desires for your surgery.

Consulting With Our Nose Job Long Island & NYC Specialists

The consultation is generally the time when patients bring in pictures of celebrity nose jobs that they like. In fact, these photos can be very valuable when used to help the patient and doctor communicate.

Pictures can help patients to communicate their goals and desires, particularly in regards to specific features like size, tip, definition, and so on. This, in turn, helps the surgeon to understand if the patient’s goals are realistic and achievable.

Most nose doctors will then use these photos as a starting point and then use nose job simulator software to show patients what is possible through surgery and how a certain nose may look with their individual features. The nose surgeon can also further refine the details of the nose to get the best representation of what the patient wants.

Of course, it is important to be realistic when it comes to celebrity noses. If a particular celebrity’s face doesn’t at all resemble the patient’s face, then that celebrity’s nose may not be right for that patient.

Further, celebrity photos are often taken with special lighting and at special angles to show the celebrity’s best views and many photos are touched up.

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