The nose is an extremely unique and dominant facial feature that heavily influences the overall appearance of the face.

Because of this, rhinoplasty is a highly custom cosmetic procedure, requiring an artistic, skilled, and experienced facial plastic surgeon’s expertise.

Many prospective rhinoplasty patients use celebrities as a reference point for what they do and don’t want from surgery, but since the appearance of the nose is so individual, it can be helpful to have a general shape in mind for the plastic surgeon to work from. This allows for a more individualized look.

Classic Nose TypesNose shapes for rhinoplasty surgery. NYC and Long Island surgery centers of the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

So what are some of the most desirable nasal shapes? Professor Abraham Tamir conducted a study and found 14 different nose types, but some are deemed more attractive than others.


1. Turned-Up or “Celestial” Nose

This shape is a classic for women. Narrow, soft, and delicate, with a slightly upturned tip. Beautiful and refined, this shape is often coveted.

2. The Duchess

Kate Middleton has had so many people request her nose, the style is now unofficially named after her! Her straight nose style with a cute tip is a great look for those it suits.


1. The Greek

Often considered the most attractive nose, the Greek style is also quite uncommon. Professor Tamir’s research showed that it appears in just 3% of people–many of whom are models!

2. The Aquiline

Associated with a business mindset, this nose is sleek and straight, gently sloping to the nostrils.


1. The Snub

A cute button nose that can look good on either men or women. Not an elegant or refined look, but one that people tend to find attractive and charming.

2. The Roman

A classic nose shape associated with confidence and authority. Though strong, the Roman nose does not overpower the face.

Getting the Nose of Your Dreams

Whether you’re bothered by a nasal hump, imperfect tip, breathing problems, or other issue, rhinoplasty may be able to help you restore your confidence with a beautiful new nose. For compassionate care and expert rhinoplasty surgery, meet with our experienced nose job surgeons from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

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