Can a nose job make you more confident?

Plastic surgery for celebrities seems almost as common as getting a haircut these days, but many stars still deny having work done. While it’s difficult to hide the results of a procedure such as a breast augmentation or a facelift, surgeries such as rhinoplasty can give such beautiful and subtle results that keep fans and the media guessing.

Rhinoplasty can greatly alter the look of the face and turn an already beautiful face into a drop-dead gorgeous one. Here are some celebrities whose nose jobs may have boosted their star status.

Jennifer AnistonDeviated Septum - Did Nose Jobs Make Them Stars?

Citing a deviated septum as the reason for her surgery, there’s no doubt her post-nose job look is a winner. True or not, many celebrities use functional issues as a reason for undergoing a nose job.

Halle Berry

A gorgeous woman before and after surgery, Halle Berry’s new nose lent her face a sexy sophistication.

Ashlee Simpson

Another celebrity whose family cited breathing issues, Ashlee’s father Joe said to Fox News: “Girls have their own ideas.  Anyway there was a real problem with her breathing.” Ashlee’s nose is now straighter, smaller, and more refined than before her surgery.

Lady Gaga

She may be considered more for her talent than her beauty, but there’s no doubt that Lady Gaga’s nose job was a rousing success.

Winona Ryder

Though she was famous before she had her nose made smaller, more petite, and less bulbous, Winona’s new look has seen the camera many times since.

Natural Refinement

Is rhinoplasty worth it? If you’re interested in a nose job, but worried about looking unnatural after surgery, don’t be. The goal for any nose job is to bring balance and harmony to the face.

A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon will customize your procedure to make you look balanced, beautiful, and natural, with a nose that complements your other features.

For a look that’s all you, visit our Long Island or NYC rhinoplasty offices to learn more about the benefits, risks, and cost of nose job surgery. Our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons perform most procedures in our AAAHC accredited surgical facilities in New York. Call today to schedule your free consultation.