According to data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), rhinoplasty was the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed on men in 2011. An estimated 24,533 men had rhinoplasty procedures, along with 101,574 women last year.

The surgery’s popularity is largely due to it playing two roles. It can fix the nose aesthetically as well as help to improve a person’s overall health by allowing them to breathe easier.

Even if rhinoplasty is done to correct functionality, it should be done so as to compliment the appearance of the face. This is why rhinoplasty procedures are slightly different for men than they are for women.

Rhinoplasty for MenRhinoplasty for Men

Men tend to have squarer and heavier faces with a more defined jaw line. Their noses are much more prominent than women’s. As a result, facial plastic surgeons have to maintain a wider and straighter nose for men to help preserve their masculine look.

A man’s nose also has a broader and fuller tip than a woman’s, so the facial plastic surgeon must take that into consideration as well when creating the perfect nose for their male patients.

Rhinoplasty for Women

Rhinoplasty for Women

While surgeons work to create a straight and full nose for men, women tend to want a petite, cute nose with a ski-jump tip. The female nose also has a supratip beak, which is a slight depression that is located just before the tip, while the male nose does not have this feature.

The underside angle of a woman’s nose should also be slightly less than that of a man’s in order for it to look proportionate and feminine with her facial features.


Finding a Great Facial Plastic Surgeon for You

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