The last thing you want to do after getting a bad nose job is to go back under the knife. At our rhinoplasty New York and nose job Long Island offices, our specialized and experienced nose surgeons know that in order to help prospective patients, they need to be thoroughly educated and consider these important factors before undergoing revision rhinoplasty.

What Part of Your Nose Needs Correcting?

Facial plastic surgeon discusses how to fix a bad nose job. Revision rhinoplasty in NYC and Long Island, New York.If you have received a botched nose job within the last 12 months, you may be out of luck. Complete healing for a prior rhinoplasty procedure takes up to a year.

Our doctors want to make sure your nose is completely healed and that there is no excessive scar tissue before doing reconstructive surgery.

You also need to take into consideration what part of your nose you want to get fixed. If you are concerned about the tip of your nose, you may have to wait longer as this is the slowest part of the nose to heal. Your bridge tends to heal more quickly and can be worked on earlier than the tip.

Additional Surgery, Implants or Grafts May be Needed

Previous nose surgery can weaken and alter the underlying nasal cartilage and may distort the shape of your nose. This can also affect your breathing abilities.

If this happens, additional reconstruction of the nasal framework is required and cartilage grafts may need to be used. Usually, the graft can come from inside of your nose but prior nasal surgery typically uses all of that available cartilage. Additional cartilage can be taken from your rib, ear or a donated rib.

It is important to have an initial consolation with our facial plastic surgeon team to make sure you are prepared for the surgery. If you want to learn how our doctors can help fix your bad nose job, contact our rhinoplasty Long Island offices today and we can talk to you about surgery and nose job costs. We look forward to helping you get the results you want!