In our last post about how a skilled facial plastic surgeon can fix a bad nose job, we discussed waiting until your first rhinoplasty wounds have fully healed as well as the process of grafts, implants, or additional surgery which may be required.

In part 2, we will take a look at the healing process after revision rhinoplasty and how to be better prepared for undertaking another few months of healing.

Recovery and the Healing Process

Facial plastic surgeon describes how to fix a bad nose job, part 2. Revision rhinoplasty in NYC and Long Island, New York.If you have a full time job, you need to take into consideration how long the healing process will take. As you are already familiar with how healing went after your first surgery, you probably already have a good idea of how your body responds to the trauma of nose surgery.

Since every surgery is different, be patient and build into your time off a few extra days or even an additional week.

Often times, the facial plastic surgeon will have to remove or revise scar tissue in the nose from the first surgery.

This can greatly affect the amount of trauma to the nose, thus affecting your healing time.  Other factors that affect the healing process include the amount of grafts used in the surgery and the amount of work that needs to be done. Full healing can take up to 12 months.

Be Extra Cautious

As you will hear from our rhinoplasty New York surgeons, revision rhinoplasty aftercare requires extra TLC. You will need to take it easy as far as not doing housework, resting your body to give it time to heal, and not jarring your nose in any way.

Since your nose has now been operated on more than once, the structures inside are not yet as strong as they were prior to surgery. Make sure that you follow all post-op instructions to the letter, including wearing the external or internal splints for as long as the surgeon tells you to. There are reasons for every bit of instruction given, so follow them without question.

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