Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to plastic surgery. In 2010, she got a breast augmentation at the age of 19, after her daughter, Sophia, was born in early 2009.

Now, two years later, Abraham has spent $16,000 on a rhinoplasty and chin implant performed in Florida.

Farrah Abraham's nose job. Facial plastic surgeon in NYC and Long Island offers free consultation for rhinoplasty surgery.People have been particularly vocal about Farrah Abraham’s transformation. Why? It’s not as though celebrity plastic surgery is a new phenomenon.

Some say she is just too young to have all this work done. At just 21, she’s already had three major procedures, and spent around $21,000.

Abraham, however, says she’s always felt she had problems with her appearance: “I’ve hated my nose since I was 13.”

How Young is Too Young for a Nose Job?

But how young is too young? First, the nose is generally not done growing by the age of 13. Second, the decision to get a nose job is a major one; a decision many young people are not mature enough to make.

Some regret the decision when the results don’t quite match up with their mental image, while others are perfectly happy with the outcome.

She has also been criticized for the example she is setting for fans of Teen Mom and her 3-year-old daughter, Sophia. Some say she spent far too much money on surgeries when Teen Mom showed her as a struggling young mother.

Here, she is battling two sets of expectations that are constantly at odds: the idea that women are beautiful just the way they are, and the airbrushed, manipulated photos of women everywhere in the media.

Nothing indicates Abraham was pressured into the decision, and she seems to have chosen plastic surgery simply for her own happiness. While it is important for mothers to teach their children to accept themselves and see their own beauty, it should not be forbidden for a mother to want to improve her appearance for herself.

Supporters applaud Abraham for her decision to invest in her happiness and change her face, while still retaining her heritage. Some, however, don’t think her new look is an improvement.

The most important thing, though, is that Abraham is happy with the results of her surgery. “I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again,” she says, “I feel gorgeous!”

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