We are recognized as uniquely individual on the outside by our face. Our friends, family and loved ones recognize us by these same facial characteristics. When our face is altered or changed in some way, however, it can affect us deeply.

There are lots of injuries that can happen that could alter the way the face looks. Sports injuries, fights, facial surgery, and car accidents are just some of the instances where we can be left with devastating and long-lasting scars on our face.

Thankfully, there are reconstructive plastic surgery procedures available that can help repair these scars and disfigurements.

Why Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for Facial Disfigurement?

Reconstructive plastic surgery has advanced in techniques and thus has become readily available in today’s society. It can be used to treat facial bone fractures, burns, cancer, benign tumors, scars from infections, developmental abnormalities or even defects you were born with, including a cleft lip or cleft palate.

Not only can these procedures help to restore or improve function, but it can also give you back your appearance. One famous athlete who went through reconstructive surgery after a sports injury was Pittsburgh Steelers’ star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Facial Reconstruction of the Nose

Fixing Facial Injuries with Reconstructive Plastic Surgery i NYC and Long Island, New YorkDuring the first quarter of a recent game between his team and the Baltimore Ravens, Roethlisberger was hit extremely hard in his face, breaking his nose. Two days later, the two-time Super Bowl winner underwent reconstructive plastic surgery to correct the injury.

Not only is reconstructive plastic surgery available to mega star athletes, it is also available to you. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more than 138,000 reconstructive plastic surgery procedures were performed last year.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for You

If you have been involved in a sports injury or other accident that disfigured your face in some way, there are a number of different reconstructive procedures that can help.

Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team has been hailed by patients as the “best rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC and Long Island”. They will work closely with you to restore the appearance of your face.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be used to not only enhance the look and shape of the nose, but to actually fix the appearance of a broken or misaligned nose. It can also help you breathe easier if you suffer from a deviated septum.

If you are ready to get a nose job in NYC or Long Island, look no further than our state-of-the-art AAAHC accredited surgical facilities.

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