A nose job simulator software provides patients with a visualization of their future face! Visit our rhinoplasty New York & nose job NYC ctrs.With many cosmetic surgery procedures, it’s easy to visualize what you may look like after surgery.  Some surgical specialists use advanced computer imaging software to give patients an actual peek into what their final results may be after nose job surgery.

If you’re considering breast augmentation you know that you’ll have larger breasts. For liposuction you know that you’ll be slimmer, more fit.

With rhinoplasty, however, there are so many changes that can be made to the nose that visualizing the potential through surgery and how specific changes will look on your specific face can be very difficult.

A Nose Job Simulator Can Offer a Sneak Peek

Computer imaging is an excellent preoperative tool that can not only help patients to visualize their potential results but also help them to convey more precisely what they want. Computer imaging may be used during your consultation in more modern plastic surgery offices.

Typically with computer imaging, an image of the patient is captured and the surgeon manipulates the image using special computer imaging software in order to provide patients with a preview of their suggested changes.

If it is not what the patient desires, the surgeon can continue to fine-tune the image to better understand precisely what the patient’s goals are for their nose job surgery.

Visualizing Specific Changes with Rhinoplasty New York Imaging

With computer imaging, patients can see how specific changes will look on their face.

For instance:

  • Would you look better if your nostrils were changed in shape or size or if you nose were narrowed?
  • How about if a hump was removed from the bridge or more definition added to the tip?
  • What if you overall nose was made smaller, or if you had a chin implant inserted at the same time as your nose surgery?

With computer imaging, you can visualize these changes before committing to them. It’s important to remember, however, that computer imaging is not an exact representation of what can be achieved through surgery but rather a guideline.

Nevertheless, many patients have been excited to see that their actual results were even better than their computer image preview!

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