The “Golden Ratio” of Facial Proportions

Our rhinoplasty Long Island & nose job NYC surgeon discusses the Golden Ratio of Good Looks. Free consultation.Do you remember that old phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Well, that’s partly true. The other half of it is that beauty can be found in mathematics.

You’re probably asking yourself what math has to do with good looks. Well, a lot actually. Modern doctors, along with ancient Greek philosophers, are well aware of “The Golden Ratio.”

Numerous studies have found that people’s attraction to another person’s face is increased if that face is proportionate and symmetrical. Scientists believe that we have an innate draw to these faces because we consider them to be healthier.

Experts have calculated the numbers to “The Golden Ratio” and have found that celebs like Jessica Simpson and Liz Hurley all have the magic numbers; our rhinoplasty Manhattan and Long Island surgeons can help you!

So, What is “The Golden Ratio?”

Scientists have come up with a formula that is supposed to be the essence of natural beauty. A face with “The Golden Ratio” is proportionate.

The distance between the eyes is 46 percent of the width of the entire face. The distance between the eyes and the mouth would be about one third of the face, or 36 percent.

A recent competition in England found an 18-year-old waitress with these exact proportions. She later won Internet fame and will soon appear on billboards throughout the country.

How Our Nose Job NYC and Long Island Centers Can Help Your Own Beauty

If you weren’t born with these proportions or even the nose that you’ve always dreamed of having, you’re in luck! Modern science can give you a more proportionate facial balance and can make you look just as beautiful as you feel on the inside.

One of our rhinoplasty Long Island and nose job NYC specialists is Double Board Certified in ENT/plastic surgery and can add to your natural beauty, making you into the best version of yourself!

“The Golden Ratio” may be simply a myth, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the face and body you’ve always wanted. We can give you the procedures that you want from an eye lift to a nose job.

You’ll have your own Golden Ratio that you can share with the world. Contact us today and see for yourself how our surgeons are a step above the rest!

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