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Technological innovations continue to advance the field of plastic surgery. The newest one is Google Glass.

Google Glass is a high-tech headset that enables people to take pictures, surf the Web, chat with others and read emails. The best part about using this headset is that people do not need to use their hands to operate it while it is recording what they are looking at, such as in the case of a plastic surgeon performing a rhinoplasty procedure recently.

Google Glass Used in Deviated Septum Repair Surgery

Last week, a plastic surgeon used Google Glass to perform a rhinoplasty on a patient with an internal and external nasal deviation. She severely broke her nose in October and was willing to allow the surgeons to try out the headset so they could repair her nose as much as possible.

This procedure using Google Glass during rhinoplasty was the first of its kind, but it is not the first time the headset has been used in medical procedures. Dr. Brent Ponce, an orthopedic surgeon from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, used it to stream live video.

While he performed the surgery, the video was streaming to Dr. Phani Dantuluri. Even though he was 100 miles away, he was able to assist with the surgery by instructing through the use of video. Ponce took direction from Dantuluri by seeing his hand gestures in the display area of the headset.

The use of Google Glass is already revolutionizing the way surgeons perform surgery. The ability to stream live video will provide doctors access to assistance they need from other specialists at various stages of surgical procedures. This could lead to more-positive results, fewer delays, and less risk.

While currently few plastic surgeons are using Google Glass for rhinoplasty, or a nose job, these doctors have shown the world that the cosmetic industry keeps up with the latest in technology. Further experimentation with new high-tech equipment often leads to its mainstream use.

Due to the years of experience that most plastic surgeons have, there will likely not be a need for Google Glass assistance during routine procedures. If you desire a nose job, this is an excellent time to seek one.

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