Rhinoplasty for Men in NYC

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There’s a new trend making its way to plastic surgeons’ offices. More men today are deciding to have cosmetic surgery, in particular nose jobs.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that 9 percent of cosmetic procedures in the United States were done on men. That’s an incredible 121 percent increase from 1997.

The most popular procedures for men is liposuction, closely followed in second place by rhinoplasty. One man, as reported by Business Mirror, said he “could pick a door lock” with his nose because it looked like “a hook with a point on it.”

Influences From Media and Culture

One of the reasons why more men may be seeking cosmetic surgery is that reality television and society have made plastic surgery more main stream for men. In the past, men and women would get work done to their nose or another part of their bodies and hide for weeks so that no one would know. Now, people get plastic surgery and show it off on national television or spend the afternoon with friends.

Technological advances have also led men into the plastic surgeon’s office. In the past, patients had to stay overnight in the hospital, but nowadays most procedures can be done on an outpatient basis. This means that patients can pay less money, have a faster recovery time, and don’t have to use so many vacation days.

It could also be that our Baby Boomers are starting to age, and they are among the biggest group having cosmetic surgery. In fact, the International Study of Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery Procedures reports 71 percent of people who seek cosmetic surgery are between the ages of 35 to 64.

What Men Can Get Fixed with Rhinoplasty

A plastic surgeon can adjust the look of a man’s nose in many ways:

  • It can be made narrower if it’s too wide.
  • It can be shortened if it’s too long.
  • If nostrils are too big or small, they can be resized.
  • Bumps on the nose can be smoothed out.
  • Crooked noses can be re-positioned, so they are straight.
  • Deviated septum injuries can be fixed to improve breathing.

Will these changes make your face look different? Yes! It can make you look significantly different, depending on how many changes you want. The more work you get done, the more different you will likely look.

This might frighten patients who worry about whether they will look better after surgery. This is why we offer an array of before and after photos of rhinoplasty patients so that you can see what great results our other patients have had.

To get started and see how you might look after rhinoplasty, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our
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It’s a free way to see what you could like with a new nose. You have nothing to lose except wondering whether you would look and feel better with the new nose you have in mind.