Looking for a Nose Job in New York? Find Out if Ideal Shape After Surgery is Possible in our Rhinoplasty NYC Center.At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, patients interested in getting a nose job in New York often ask our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island specialists if there is such a thing as an ideal or perfect nose.

In fact, surgeons have historically used charts and ratios when altering the nose and other facial features and these have served as a guideline for the “ideal”.

In today’s world, however, given our multicultural society with many different ethnicities, these measurements are often not as applicable. Ideals of beauty are individual and often change over the years.

The Ideal Nose Job is What Works Best on YOU

Rather than seeking to create a “perfect” nose, our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island surgeons look to alter the nose so that it balances with the other facial features and creates facial harmony. When looking at the face, plastic surgeons often divide the face equally into three horizontal columns or five vertical columns. This is considered an ideal and well-balanced face.

Within the five vertical columns, the nose should take up the center column, with the width of the nasal base measuring approximately the same as the distance between the inner corners of the eyes. Within the three horizontal columns, the middle column should be comprised of the nose from its base to the glabella.

Plastic surgeons also consider a variety of angles of the nose, including the nasofrontal angle, the nasofacial angle, the nasomental angle and the nasolabial angle when altering the nose. They will also look closely at other facial features like the chin to see how they work together with the nose.

For example, a patient seeking a nose job in New York to improve a large nose may also benefit from a chin implant if their chin is weak or underdeveloped.

Getting the Best Nose Job in New York is Possible with our Rhinoplasty NYC & Long Island Experts

Our specialists have extensive experience in rhinoplasty, including bulbous tip rhinoplasty and other techniques. They can also improve breathing with deviated septum repair and nasal septoplasty. Our team is known for providing our rhinoplasty patients with beautiful, natural results.

If you’re looking for the best nose job in New York (according to many of our patients!), look no further than Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. To learn more about rhinoplasty or to schedule a consultation at our rhinoplasty NYC or Long Island offices, Call us today.

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