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Last month, Kris Jenner received a lot of attention because her daughter Khloe Kardashian told the world she overheard her mother telling friends she needed a nose job.

Khloe was only nine years old when this happened. She decided not to take her mother’s suggestion, but her half-sister may have taken it.

Kendall Jenner has not admitted to a nose job, but a plastic surgeon recently told RadarOnline.com that she really does look like she had one done. He reports that it seems as though Kendall thinned and shortened her nose.

A plastic surgeon in London has also said that Kendall seems to have undergone some surgery or possibly filler. He reports “the bridge of her nose looks a little more crooked in earlier photo and this could certainly have been smoothed surgically.

The tip could well be smaller and rather more refined, again pointing to possible surgery. An alternative could be that she has had the much less invasive procedure of filler injected and this has smoothed out the bridge.”

Filler injections are temporary, and could make someone appear as though they’ve had a nose job. Over time, as the filler starts to fade, someone as young as Kendall may start to see natural changes in her nose and face.

Kendall wants to pursue a career in modeling. In this field, you must not only look attractive, but you must have confidence in your beauty. It’s possible she wanted to improve her nose so that she wouldn’t feel self-conscious about it while posing for photos.

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