Rhinoplasty New York City, NY and Long Island | What to Know Before RhinoplastyFor years, rhinoplasty NY patients in our area have sought to improve the appearance of their nose with a cosmetic procedure called a “nose job”.

Having a nose job, up until fairly recently, was something women were able to do much more freely than men.

Today, however, as men are becoming more involved in the design of their physical features, we see a greater number of male patients request consultations in our rhinoplasty New York City and Long Island practices.

We are thrilled at this shift allowing men to feel more confident in their appearance.

Rhinoplasty is Not One-Size-Fits-All

As with any cosmetic procedure, rhinoplasty is a treatment intended to customize one’s appearance through the enhancement or refinement of a singular body part with which they have issue.  This procedure may consist of bone or cartilage removal, or may require the deposit of synthetic tissue to artfully and precisely create the ideal shape and position.

By increasing or decreasing the size of differing elements on the nose, it is brought into harmony with other facial features.  That being said, no two patients or treatment plans will be the same.

How the Procedure is Performed by our Nose Job NY Surgeons

During the rhinoplasty procedure in our AAAHC accredited surgical center, the patient is comfortably sedated and anesthetized so no discomfort is experienced.  An incision is then made inside each nostril, and possibly also in the skin that lies between the nostrils.

In some cases, such as rhinoplasty after injury, for nasal septum repair, to facilitate breathing, or other instances, the nasal bone itself may need to be reset.

Cartilage may also be sculpted in order to achieve optimal shape and contour.  For the male patient in whom we are creating a more masculine feature, synthetic tissue may then be inserted into specific areas to build them up.

After carefully crafting the ideal shape most suitable to facial features, the doctor closes incisions and sets a supportive splint into place, which will be worn while the nose heals into its new shape.

Getting in Touch with Your Reason

There are various reasons why one may seek treatment in our New York City or Long Island centers. Knowing your reason is important, as your feelings about results may be directly tied to it.

Having this procedure for cosmetic reasons is certainly not unheard of, but we do urge our patients to be well aware of the fact that changing the appearance of the nose will change the appearance of the entire face.  Even if you have desired a change for many years, you may feel somewhat surprised with your whole new look.

This is true even when rhinoplasty is performed for functional reasons rather than cosmetic.  Some patients require rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum or a birth defect, or to facilitate better breathing and the elimination of sleep apnea.

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Regardless of exact reason, it is our priority to reshape the nose to achieve the most naturally beautiful appearance.  For more information about our rhinoplasty NY surgeons or to schedule your free consultation, please contact us in our rhinoplasty New York City or Long Island offices.