A Chinese man was involved in a serious car accident. In the crash, he suffered severe injuries to his face. His nose was completely destroyed.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty - Man Grows Nose on Forehead for Rhinoplasty

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To help this man restore his face, plastic surgeons are growing a nose on his forehead. The case was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on September 19.

The techniques used in this procedure date back hundreds of years. This is known as prelamination, which involves using tissue with multiple layers to rebuild a structure like the nose.

The base of the nose is the most important layer; the forehead skin, called the paramedian forehead flap, has the ideal properties to help a nose form.

Even before the nose grows on the forehead, cartilage must be collected. For Dr. Patrick Byrne, director of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Johns Hopkins Health Care and Surgery Center, the procedure begins with removal of cartilage from the patient’s ribs.

With this rib cartilage, the plastic surgeon then places it on the patient’s forehead to maintain a healthy blood supply to help it thrive and grow.

Once the nose has been completely formed under the forehead flap, it can then be transplanted to the face. The success of the cartilage implant is possible because of the strength of the tissue and blood supply it received from the forehead flap.

When the new nose is placed in the correct position, all that is left is for it to reattach to the skin around where the original nose was and to reestablish its blood supply there.

Woman with a New Ear Growing on Her Arm

In this same NEJM report, a woman had her new ear formed underneath the skin on her arm. With this procedure, she was able to hide the structure by wearing a long sleeved shirt. She made the best of the bizarre situation by bringing some humor into the mix. “She was playing with her kids, and if they got in trouble, she’d roll up her sleeve and say, ‘Tell it to the arm,'” said Dr. Byrne.

Psychological Implications

Losing a nose can affect your self-esteem and confidence. It would be difficult to get through life with everyone constantly staring and asking what happened. With a new nose, people are able to lead lives without being ashamed of their face. While they may need some counseling to process what happened that lead to the injury or disease, rhinoplasty greatly improves people’s lives.

Need to Restore Your Nose?

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