Rhinoplasty New York Surgeons Specialize in Hump Removal

How Nasal Hump Removal and Revision Rhinoplasty Can Change Your Life

Rhinoplasty New York & Nose Job NYC Surgeons Specialize in Hump RemovalRemoving a hump or bump on the bridge of the nose is one of the most common requests among nasal surgery patients at the rhinoplasty New York and NYC centers of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

The nasal hump can be one of the most conspicuous detractors to the nasal appearance and its removal can dramatically improve the overall facial appearance for a softer, more appealing look.

While hump removal can be performed on its own, it is often combined with other techniques like refinement of the nasal tip to ensure a harmonious appearance.

Understanding the Nasal Hump

A hump on the bridge of the nose is typically comprised of both bone and cartilage. The upper portion of the nose closer to the eyes is comprised of bone, while the lower portion of the nose toward the nostrils is comprised of cartilage.

During surgery, addressing the nasal hump is often one of the first tasks completed and it often requires that both the bony and cartilaginous portions be addressed.

The degree to which the hump is taken down depends on many factors, including the patient’s desires and certain characteristics like their age, sex, height, facial features and so on.

These factors will be discussed in detail during your free consultation with our rhinoplasty New York and nose job NYC specialists.

Correcting the Nasal Hump at our Rhinoplasty new York Centers

Surgery to remove a hump may be performed with an open approach in which a small incision is made on the columella, or the area of skin between the nostrils. In some cases, the cartilaginous and bony portions of the hump can be removed in one piece.

However, this requires a very experienced nose surgeon and careful planning. It is often better to take a more conservative approach, removing less than what is estimated and then removing additional small amounts as needed.

Nose doctors typically address the lower or cartilaginous portion first, followed by the bony portion. A chisel is sometimes used to remove the bony portion, particularly if the hump is large, otherwise a rasp or file may be used.

Hump removal is a delicate and exacting procedure that requires a very experienced nose specialist in order to obtain good nose jobs and good results. When too little or too much of the hump is removed, complications can result.

Our nose surgeon can treat patients for revision rhinoplasty if a prior surgery has been botched by another surgeon.

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You can also view examples of hump removal in our nose job before and after photo gallery.