Learn More About Tip Rhinoplasty and What it Can Do for You

Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty in NYC

We offer experts in nasal tip rhinoplasty in our Long Island and NYC nose job centers in New York. Free consultation.At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, one of the most common requests from our nose job New York and Long Island patients is to improve the appearance of the nasal tip.

This can be achieved while altering the rest of the nose or surgery can be confined to the tip itself. When the tip cartilage tissues alone are changed, this is often referred to as tip rhinoplasty or tiplasty.

Our rhinoplasty specialists on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team have extensive experience in nasal tip rhinoplasty.

Improve Your Nasal Tip in Our Nose Job New York Centers

Many changes can be made to the nasal tip. Our patients often complain of a large, wide, rounded or bulbous tip. In these cases, the tip can be reduced in size and definition in the nose can be improved.

A tip that is too boxy can be rounded out while a tip that is too narrow can be widened. The projection of the tip, or the distance that the nasal tip projects from the face, can also be altered so that projection is increased or decreased. The rotation of the tip can also be changed, as well as the angle between the tip and the upper lip.

The nasal tip is an essential part of the nose and it gives the nose much of its character. As such, even slight modifications can dramatically improve the appearance of the nose as well as the whole of the face.

During surgery at our surgical centers, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can address other areas of the nose at the same time, such as the bridge of the nose. Breathing can also be improved with techniques which address the nasal function such as nasal septoplasty for the repair of deviated septum as well as turbinate reduction.

Recovering from Tip Rhinoplasty

Nose tip rhinoplasty involves less surgery than a full rhinoplasty. As such, the recovery on just the tip can be a bit shorter and less extensive. There is typically less bruising, and swelling after rhinoplasty of the tip is often not as noticeable.

Some initial discomfort can result but this is easily managed with medication. The tip of the nose may also feel a bit stiff for the first few months. Patients will see an early result after three months, but as with full rhinoplasty the final result may take a year or more to be realized. Most normal activities can be resumed within about two weeks after surgery.

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