Plastic surgery can produce natural, beautiful, and subtle results for patients with realistic expectations. Unfortunately, some people do not have reasonable goals for surgery and become so focused on enhancing their appearance, that they end up looking over-corrected and spending a large amount of money on plastic surgery.

It’s easy to spot celebrities who have taken their love for plastic surgery to the extreme. Here are some notable examples:Celebrities Obsessed with Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag

The poster child for extreme plastic surgery, Heidi had an incredible 10 procedures in a single day, at the age of 23! Before and after photos show a shocking transformation–it’s hard to believe it’s the same woman in both photos.

Janice Dickinson

Making the news recently by declaring bankruptcy, Janice Dickinson is unapologetic about her love of going under the knife, telling InTouch: “I live for plastic surgery.” As to how much her numerous procedures have cost over the years? Janice can’t say. “I don’t remember — all my ex-husbands paid for them!”

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein has spent about 4 million dollars on procedures, but it’s given her a look that’s just the opposite of what most people want. Nicknamed “Catwoman” for her extreme face, Jocelyn has now begun the process of trying to repair the damage done by previous surgeries.

It’s not just celebrities that fall into the trap of obsessively seeking perfection, however. Many people go into a large amount of debt for the perfect body, like Neikie Reno, 33, who went into over $80,000 of debt to finance her surgeries.

Even though Reno is now happy with her results and does not plan to pursue future procedures, going into a vast amount of debt can put strain on your quality of life. Saving up, along with smart financing, is key!

Subtle Enhancements

While it’s not a good idea to obsess about plastic surgery, there are many great procedures available to enhance natural beauty and restore harmony to the face and body. Rhinoplasty performed by a reputable facial plastic surgeon is often a great way to accentuate or minimize facial features in a natural, beautiful way.

If you’re curious about what a rhinoplasty could do for you, contact our Long Island or NYC nose job offices to schedule a free consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.