Vishal Thakkar, an Oklahoma resident who underwent more than 20 nose jobs, is now suing the doctor who initially operated on him.

In 2006, Thakkar decided to get rhinoplasty surgery. He enlisted the services of Dr. Lawrence Angelo Cuzalina, a Tulsa-based surgeon. After the first surgery, Thakkar went back under the knife to alleviate breathing problems he had been suffering from as a result of the first procedure. He continued undergoing nose jobs until the number topped at 21.

Lawsuits For Bad Plastic Surgery

Oklahoma Man Sues Surgeon After Being Left Without a Nose - Rhinoplasty“He told me that there was an infection in there and since I was on the operating table and unconscious he had to make the decision,” Thakkar told the press. “By the time I am able to breathe without pain and have a human-looking nose, I will have had 30 surgeries on my face thanks to Angelo Cuzalina.”

In the lawsuit, Thakkar alleges that the plastic surgeon tried to intimidate and blackmail him. He is seeking damages for medical malpractice, defamation, emotional distress and fraud, among many others.

Is Rhinoplasty Worth It?

Thousands of Americans undergo rhinoplasty surgery every year, either for aesthetic or health reasons. Even though nose jobs are a very common procedure, it is still possible to set yourself up unknowingly for risks.

Many so-called “plastic surgeons” in the United States do not have the proper qualifications or training to perform such procedures as rhinoplasty. This results in patients suffering from infections, breathing problems and even deformities.

Rhinoplasty in Manhattan

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