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The Good News About Rhinoplasty and Your Sense of Smell

Our Nose Job NY Surgeons Discuss Rhinoplasty & Your Sense of SmellWaking up and having that smell of coffee in the house, is one of the best things about mornings. If you are going in for rhinoplasty surgery, you may be worried that you may not have the same sense of smell after you go under the knife.

Will the surgery affect your ability to smell?

Temporary Loss of Smell After Surgery

The straight forward answer is that, yes, having rhinoplasty surgery will most likely affect your sense of smell, but it will only be temporary. Once you have your surgery with our rhinoplasty New York City or Long Island surgeons, you will experience swelling and bruising over the next few weeks and months. This is entirely normal and it is the cause of the temporary loss of smell.

How Your Nose Works

Our nose job NY surgeon, explains more:

“Your sense of smell is not so complex that it is too hard to understand. The way it works is that there are pockets in your nose that have nerve endings for smelling and when you breathe in, the air circles around in those pockets and you pick up the scent. The air then travels through your nose cavity which opens up into the back of your throat and brushes across some of your taste buds. That’s right, when you smell something you also taste it just a little bit (try not to think about that too much when you smell something unpleasant). Think about how you feel when you are sick and your nose is all stuffed up; you can’t taste very well, can you? Taste and smell really cooperate with each other."

Recovery from Surgery

When you have your surgery and the nose becomes swollen for an elongated period of time, those pockets of nerve endings are not as exposed as they were before. The swelling is closing them up a bit and thus you have a lowered sense of smell for the months of swelling that occur.

There may also be a slight sense of taste decrease because of the fact that your nose and smelling plays a big part in taste.

In the Lab

A research study of people who received rhinoplasty showed an 86% return of smell by the six month mark. This is optimal as the full healing of your rhinoplasty can take up to a year to truly finish with no remaining swelling.

If you have any further worries, feel free to discuss them with our surgeon at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in our New York City or Commack, Long Island offices.

Sniff Out Your Worries!

Once all of the swelling has subsided, your sense of smell should completely return to normal. It is usually nothing to worry about but something you should definitely be aware of so that it doesn’t come as a surprise to you!

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