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Nose Jobs and Gender

Our Rhinoplasty New York Surgeons Discuss the Relationship Between Nose Jobs and Gender

Our Rhinoplasty NYC Surgeons Discuss the Relationship Between Nose Jobs and Gender

Rhinoplasty and Gender

We sometimes receive questions from those visiting our nose reshaping NYC or New York practice regarding the difference in this procedure related to gender.  Indeed, there may be a few differences and unique considerations that are made when determining the best path towards the "ideal" shape for a male or female nose.

However, there are probably more similarities than you might initially think.

It's All About Balance

The study of aesthetics and ideal facial proportions has been ongoing since the time of da Vinci, and continues to attract interest of artists, cosmetic surgeons included.  In the end, what is important to each person is harmony between the various facial features, to include the eyes, nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead.

Although we tend to have a common perception of what is deemed masculine, and the male patient may strive for such characteristics, creating the ideal nose shape really comes from thoughtful consideration to the mentioned features.

Gender Feature Differences

Generally speaking, men tend to be different than women in that nose with a wider base is seen as more masculine, perhaps because the male face tends to be a bit larger than the female face.  Strong features are therefore simply more fitting.

Where a woman may want her nose narrowed and refined, a man may benefit from precise augmentation in which the nose is actually built-up a small degree.

Positioning and angles are also looked at differently.  On the male face, a nose that is not perfectly straight is far more acceptable than it would be on the female face.  Angles are also somewhat different from patient to patient, but for the most part, the angle between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip ranges from 90 to 120 degrees.

The smaller the angle, the more masculine the nose may appear, while our female patients may prefer a wider angle in this area.

Artistic Creation

In some instances, a male patient will come into our nose reshaping New York practices seeking a reduction in nose side, or refinement of shape.  After a thorough evaluation, we might discover that the real issue is what we call a "weak chin".

As cosmetic surgery is a very artistic practice, our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team is able to determine if rhinoplasty alone will bring harmony to the patient's face or if what would be most beneficial is a different treatment altogether (such as a chin implant).

Free Consultation with Rhinoplasty NYC Specialists on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team

Our nose reshaping NYC and Long Island practices are committed to treating each patient with individual care.  Your ideal facial contours are based on every interlocking feature on your face, as well as your overall physique.

By treating you as a whole, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team is able to produce the best possible results from surgery.  To discover your optimal facial contours, contact us in New York City or Long Island for your free consultation with our nose job specialists.