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"I Am 100% Satisfied With The Results"...

I came in to see about getting my chest area reduced because of excessive fat! This is something I have had my entire adult life and it has affected me personally. The doctor and staff are incredibly sympathetic, understanding and friendly. I could not have felt more comfortable with the doctor and staff. I am 100% satisfied with the results. I feel more confident and relaxed now in the type of clothing that I wear.

Jeff M.

"I Look Great, Better Than I Expected"...

Years ago I had a procedure done with another doctor who left me with one side of my face lower than the other and a deformed nose.  After years living like that, I decided to do research looking for a plastic surgeon that can help me.  After Dr. Diktaban explained to me what he could do to help me I made the decision.  After the procedure (nose job and fat transfer) I have a new face and a new nose.  I look great, better than I expected.  Dr. Diktaban and his staff are wonderful.  They are really professionals who care about the patient’s goals and results!  My experience here was excellent.  I’m very happy with the results and I can go outside to the world and smile and know that I look great and I chose the right doctor.

Hector C.

"I Would Definitely Recommend Dr. Diktaban"...

Dr. Diktaban and staff have been very accommodating. They made my procedure an effortless one. I would definitely recommend Dr. Diktaban to anyone I know. Before the tummy tuck I was embarrassed with the way my body looked. I wore clothes to cover up my stomach, now I am very happy with outcome. Someone was always available before and after the procedure with answer to any questions that I had. All staff is very and easy to talk too.


"The Results Are Awesome"...

I came for calves and ankles liposuction, I went to many doctors before I saw Dr. Diktaban, and Immediately I felt that I'll be in good hands. He is so honest and very reliable and professional. The results are awesome. I would have never expected better than this. The staff are very nice and really you'll feel like you are among friends.


"I Feel More Confident"...

Dr. Diktaban and staff were professional and friendly. They made me feel very comfortable. I am very happy with the results of my surgery. I feel more confident and comfortable with my appearance.


"I Couldn't Have Asked For More"...

I knew I couldn't have another summer where I didn't go to the ocean. I'm so happy now with my new body. You treated me very nicely and I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you.


"I Am Very Happy With The Results"...

I came to this office for a lipo-suction. I am very happy with the results. The doctor and the staff made me feel very comfortable. After the procedure they sat with me and made sure I was ok. I would definitely recommend this place to others.


Thank you, Dr.Diktaban and staff, for your patience and professionalism.

It's not easy being a woman. I have recommended patients to your office because I AM A PRODUCT OF YOUR GREAT WORK. I would also like to mention to those viewing this comment that Dr.Diktaban is an experienced doctor who cares about his patients' satisfaction. I am a school teacher and all my co-workers always ask me who is the artist behind my great figure and I tell them with pride, Dr. Diktaban. People: STOP shopping around. It's dangerous out there, going to other countries where things are not properly sterilized and doctors are not even doctors and go for your free consultation like I did and live your life to the fullest and wear whatever your heart desires and LOOK FABULOUS, LIKE THE STARS! DO IT WITH CONFIDENCE. LIKE ME!!!!!!!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR YOURSELF. YOU DESERVE IT.

Lydia M. - Yonkers

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