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Don’t Rush into Surgery: 4 Pre-Op Tips

Pre-Op Considerations

Our Nose Job Long Island & NYC Centers Offer Advice on Pre-Op ConsiderationsDeciding what to wear for a date, which movie to see this Friday, and who’s going to pick up grandma from the airport are all decisions that can be made over the dinner table.

When it comes to major plans and changes, however, a casual, passing conversation just won’t cut it. You wouldn’t want to decide who to marry or what foreign country to move to in the bat of an eyelash; so why would you want to make a decision about rhinoplasty that way, either?

Making the choice to have nose job surgery with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, at our nose job NYC and Long Island centers, is something that shouldn’t be rushed.

This surgery will alter the appearance of your nose and the way the rest of your facial features fit together so it is something you need to be entirely sure about once you begin the process.

What are the Reasons Behind your Consideration?

Why is it that you’re looking into nose reshaping?

Healthy reasons to consider include:

  • Breathing problems
  • Prominent hump or misalignment
  • Shape seriously affects self-esteem
  • Reconstruction after an injury

These are general reasons and are all completely valid. If you find yourself throwing around a reason such as ‘I want the same nose as Jennifer Aniston!’ or ‘It will make so-and-so think I'm more beautiful!’ then chances are you need to reconsider your motivations.

There are good and bad reasons a person may choose to reshape their nose. Be sure to thoroughly analyze your situation before deciding rhinoplasty is the best decision for you!

Weighing Options Before Surgery at our Rhinoplasty Manhattan or Long Island Centers

One of the steps to making your decision is knowing what is it you want done to your nose. There is the surgical method where the surgeon will make incisions to do reconstructive work inside your nose, and there is also a non-surgical procedure. The full surgery method is for more extensive alterations where the non-surgical is for small reduction of a hump or depression in the nose.

Don’t Feel Rushed!

Surgically changing the look of your nose can be a wonderful thing when well-thought out and properly planned for. Making such a big decision should not be something to rush into, so be sure to do your research and talk with family members and friends.

Meet with our Nose Job NYC and Long Island Surgical Team

Then, come in for your free consultation in our rhinoplasty NYC or Long Island location! Take the time needed to make your decision and feel free to contact us when the time is right for you.