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Which Type Of Rhinoplasty Will Work Best For You?

Our Rhinoplasty Manhattan Surgeon Explains Which Type of Rhinoplasty May Be Right for YouJust like with any other kind of procedure, there are different types of surgeries a patient can choose from at our rhinoplasty Manhattan and Long Island facilities.

How can you know which one is right for you?

Take a minute and read about the different kinds of procedures that are offered by the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team. Being educated about your procedure is vital before going all the way!

1. Non-Surgical Nose Job Procedure

The non-surgical nose job technique sounds funny but is entirely just that. There are no incisions involved. There is, however, the use of injections and fillers to slim down or fill in the look of the nose.

The patient receives these using a local anesthetic, meaning that only the area of the nose to be treated will be completely numbed.

This procedure is generally for rhinoplasty patients with mild to moderate aesthetic complications. Because of the fast and casual way this procedure is performed compared to full surgery, it is generally nicknamed the “15 minute nose job.” Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team performs this procedure as well as the open and closed rhinoplasty methods.

The most common technique used by our nose job Manhattan and Long Island surgeons is “open rhinoplasty”. It begins by making an incision across the section of skin between your nostrils. Then, the skin is lifted back to reveal the inside of the nose.

This allows the plastic surgeon to properly see what is to be reconstructed and is better for more extensive work to be done on the nose, including bridge work on the nasal bones.

The lower half of the nose is virtually all cartilage and can be reshaped, reduced, sutured, and supported more easily through the open technique.

Grafts of skin, bone, or cartilage are sometimes used during this nose job procedure to support and alter the nose.

While this type of procedure is more prone to leaving a very small scar, it is the goal of our rhinoplasty surgeons to leave you with as little a scar as possible. This is easily achieved because the area is small and the skin generally heals nicely.

Besides, even if there was a small scar visible at close range, how many people do you really have examining the underside of your nose?

2. Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is the other type of nose job surgery that we perform. It involves an incision made on the inside skin; the surgeon goes up through the nostrils to do all of the work.

The only true difference between open and closed rhinoplasty procedures is the incision made to the nose. However, the nose job patient and the type of work that is to be done will really decide which method is better to use.

The general guidelines for a nose job patient who can receive a closed rhinoplasty include:

  • The tip of the nose is not too wide or too off-centered
  • The nose is not too elongated
  • Any hump to be corrected is not very large
  • The nose is not excessively crooked
  • There are no other major features of the nose to be corrected

It seems like an exclusive list of guidelines, but it is vital as the surgeon is not peering directly into the nose structure as occurs with the open rhinoplasty method.

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