In our nose job New York practices, we treat patients for a variety of reasons. Some desire to reshape the nose for purely cosmetic reasons. Others have deviated septum repair surgery as a necessity for breathing clearly.

Regardless of the underlying reason for getting a nose job, there is also the need to rest and relax for up to ten days following treatment so as not to jostle the delicate bones and tissues restructured during surgery.

To facilitate optimal healing takes a nice balance of rest and activity, coupled with a healthy diet of nutritious foods and plenty of water. The key to a less stressful healing process lies in knowing how much exercise to engage in and when.

Aerobic Activity After Treatment With Our Rhinoplasty NYC & Long Island Surgeons

Rhinoplasty NYC and nose job New York surgeon discusses when you can exercise after surgery. Free consultation.As early as the day following surgery, rhinoplasty patients may resume mild activity such as taking short walks throughout the day. This is, of course, to be started as the patient feels well enough to venture outside, or to roam the halls of his or her home.

Walking is to be avoided if, when taking pain medications, you feel woozy or dizzy, as a fall could pose serious dangers to your health.

Walking in the days following surgery in our nose job New York facilities is beneficial for the prevention of blood clots. However, for the first week following surgery, walking is the extent of what is recommended.

Jogging or running, dancing, or any other heavy aerobic activity should be postponed until at least seven to ten days post-surgery. Make sure to ask for your doctor’s clearance before doing so.

Part of the reason for avoiding excessive activity before post-surgical follow-up is to protect stitches and splints, and part is to allow for the bones and tissues in the nose to heal.

During the first week or two following treatment by our rhinoplasty NYC or Long Island surgeons, tissues surrounding the nasal passages will be slightly swollen, as well. Breathing heavily will cause irritation and additional swelling to these tissues and can possibly inhibit healing.

Participating in Sports after Rhinoplasty

After a week to ten days of mild activity, the intensity of exercise can increase to a more moderate level as tolerated. It is important, above all, to listen to your body after surgery.

As swelling subsides along with discomfort, rhinoplasty patients may add jogging or other aerobic activity to their regimen. Sports, however, should remain on the bench at this time, especially those where direct contact with the face is possible.

Everyday Activities to Avoid

Undergoing any type of surgical procedure comes with certain post-operative guidelines. Following treatment by our rhinoplasty NYC or Long Island surgeons, we recommend that patients take care with activities they may not realize as being strenuous such as bending over or doing heavy lifting.

Especially during the first week, bending over should be avoided; this action pools blood in already-swollen tissues. This may mean donning flip-flops or slippers for the week post-surgery (and getting someone else to fetch things on ground level), but a beautiful nose is worth it!

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*There may be additional instructions and warnings for the procedure you have had done. Please be sure to get this complete list from our staff and do not rely solely on the information provided on this page.