Rhinoplasty Long Island & New York Rhinoplasty Surgeon Discusses the Top 4 Reasons for Nose Job SurgeryRhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons around the world. It brings a number of benefits to patients of various ages and backgrounds.

Able to improve both the aesthetics of the face as well as the function of the nose itself, nasal revision surgery may give you the well-balanced face that you’ve always wanted.

Whether treatment is to correct symmetry or to eliminate snoring, one thing is certain: even a slight alteration to this central facial feature can significantly change the overall appearance of the face.

Managing Expectations

Because surgery changes much more than just the singular feature being targeted, it is important to be prepared for the results that may come from a nose job. Even patients who are getting their nose “fixed” after several years of waiting can be surprised when they see the final results of their surgery.

When we consult with patients, we are careful to discuss the changes that can be anticipated, as what appears in the mirror following a nose job has a direct impact on how the patient views him or herself. The goal is that, through the nose job, the patient can feel an improvement in overall self-confidence in his or her appearance.

Our New York and Long Island Rhinoplasty Surgeon Lists the Top 4 Reasons for Treatment

The top 4 reasons patients seek treatment include:

·         Breathing – Some people, due to genetic makeup or injury, have a deviated septum.  This means that the canal through which they breathe is crooked, resulting in difficulty breathing properly.  Though there are many people who live with a deviated septum without consequence, there are those who experience significant challenges such as difficulty breathing during exercise, sleeping, or when eating.  People who snore loudly night after night may do so because of a deviated septum, and can be greatly helped by opening and straightening the septum via rhinoplasty.

·         Symmetry – Because the nose is the central feature of the face, any off-centering will be quite noticeable.  In fact, when the nose is off-center, the entire balance of facial features is thrown off.  By correcting the symmetry of the nose, all facial features come into balance and complement one another quite nicely.

·         Size – The size of our nose is directly related to the overall balance of facial features, as is symmetry.  Even if the nose is perfectly centered and straight, but is noticeably large, facial proportions are thrown off and one may become quite self-conscious of this feature.  Our rhinoplasty Long Island and NYC specialists at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York can bring about drastic improvement through the removal of even a small amount of tissue in the right area.

·         Shape – The shape of the nose can sometimes be wrongly associated with size.  For instance, you can have a bridge that is too wide, or a tip that is bulbous, but still have an appropriately sized nose.  Some of our patients experience amazing changes through the adding or taking away of tissue on the tip or the bridge, creating the ideal contours and balance among facial features.

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