For many individuals, a deviated septum can significantly impede nasal breathing and diminish one’s quality of life. In these cases, our rhinoplasty New York City and Long Island specialists may perform nasal septoplasty.

What is Deviated Septum Surgery?

Septoplasty is different from rhinoplasty in that it addresses functional issues of the nose rather than cosmetic issues. Whereas rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of the nose, septoplasty is designed for the repair of deviated septum tissues to improve nasal breathing.

If you have cosmetic and functional concerns, you may consider combining the two procedures for what is known as septorhinoplasty.

Pain After Nasal Septoplasty

Recovery After Deviated Septum Surgery – Tips from Our Rhinoplasty New York City and Nose Job NY SurgeonMany of our nose job NY patients want to know about recovery after deviated septum surgery, particularly in comparison to rhinoplasty. When performed on its own, septoplasty is a relatively quick and painless procedure with a fast recovery.

There is usually very little significant pain; instead our patients usually describe only mild discomfort after deviated septum repair. Initial discomfort can be easily controlled with medication.

Unlike rhinoplasty, there is often no external bruising or swelling or other obvious signs of surgery from just nasal septoplasty alone. However, numbness of the tip may be present for several weeks.

Splints are often removed after about seven days. When combined with rhinoplasty, the septoplasty and rhinoplasty recovery time may be longer.

Getting Back to Normal After Deviated Septum Surgery

While it will take time to return to normal after nasal septoplasty surgery, many of our patients are comfortable returning to light everyday activities within just a few days.

Work can often be resumed within three to seven days, and more strenuous activities can be resumed after three to four weeks.

Swelling of the soft tissue after deviated septum surgery can impede breathing in the early weeks after the procedure and patients may also feel somewhat stuffy for a period of time.

This will resolve within about two weeks or so and at that time most patients find that their breathing is significantly improved.

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