Improving Sleep Apnea and Snoring After Deviated Septum Repair Surgery in our Nose Job NYC and Long Island Centers

Our nose job NYC & rhinoplasty Long Island surgeons discuss recovery from deviated septum repair, sleep apnea, and snoring.Thousands of people every year choose to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure for aesthetic reasons. But sometimes, plastic surgery has other benefits beyond making you look better.

The doctors at our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island offices also treat physiological problems in our patients. Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as nose reconstruction, can help improve the overall quality of your health, and your life.

How Can Deviated Septum Repair Rhinoplasty Help?

Rhinoplasty is generally performed to correct or improve the appearance of your nose. However, it can be used to also help to correct breathing-related problems.

Combined with nasal septoplasty, nasal revision surgery can enable some patients to breathe easier by correcting problems through deviated septum repair. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can also reconstruct your nasal framework to improve airflow if you suffer from a structural collapse.

How Deviated Septum Repair Surgery Works

Our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island team will reshape or remove your cartilage and bone underneath the skin of your nose. Sometimes, they will use cartilage grafts to strengthen or rebuild your nose. This cartilage is normally taken from your nasal septum.

Believe it or not, there are many areas of your nose that are prone to collapse. Some of these areas include the side walls of your nostrils as well as your bridge.

Sometimes, this can affect your ability to sleep peacefully at night and is the cause of very loud snoring or sleep apnea, a cessation of breathing while asleep.

Our nose specialist can help to improve your breathing, sleeping, and overall quality of life with deviated septum repair surgery. He will optimize your airflow and relieve nasal obstruction with their innovative rhinoplasty procedures, dramatically decreasing your snoring and improving your sleep.

Snoring, which can also be caused by sleep apnea, can create other potential health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Nose reconstruction surgery can help alleviate this as well.

Deviated Septum Repair Consultation in our Nose Job NYC or Long Island Centers

Our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island team wants to provide you with the best treatment available. This means promising a safe and fully accredited surgical center with safety as the top priority.

Not only can you transform the look of your face, but you can also reduce or eliminate snoring, help sleep apnea, and breathe easier. This will help you to live a healthier and happier life. If you are ready to get the ball rolling on a healthier lifestyle, contact us today!

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