Rhinoplasty procedures are one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures on the market. When it comes to getting a nose job by a facial plastic surgeon, patient ethnicity can play a big role in the procedure.

Ignoring a person’s ethnicity during rhinoplasty surgery can have bad results because different techniques need to be used to accommodate their nasal anatomy and the nose should complement their facial features.

Different ethnic backgrounds play a role in rhinoplasty and nose job methods. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY in NYC and Long Island.African Americans

African Americans tend to have wider-set and flatter noses. The nasal bridge is not very prominent which can often lead to a flattened appearance. Doctors need to be aware of this and know that many of their patients would prefer a more defined look to the bridge and added projection to the tip.


Many of the same techniques used on African American patients can be used on Asian patients as well. Having the surgeon add small facial implants to the bridge area or nose tip can lengthen and slim the appearance of the nose the way the patients desire.

Middle Eastern

Middle-Eastern patients have a prominence to their nasal bridge. The most common request from these patients is to remove the bony hump on their nose bridge. A drooping tip can emphasize their hump, so plastic surgeons need to take this characteristic into consideration too when performing rhinoplasty.

Get the Nose Shape You’ve Always Wanted

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