YouTube Rhinoplasty Sensation

Our nose job New York & rhinoplasty NYC surgeon discusses a rhinoplasty music video that became a YouTube sensation.In the spectrum of patients who come in for a nose job with our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island specialists, some have an issue with their nose due to their ethnic heritage is a common occurrence.

One Florida surgeon, however, took the initiative to use this to his advantage and created a music video that is striking controversy across the nation.

Stereotype Used for Gaining Attention

Dr. Michael Salzhauer is an orthodox Jew and feels the stereotype of the “Jewish nose” is a reality. It can be a stereotypical trait that defines Jewish heritage, but in today’s day and age, more young men and women of the Jewish culture are looking towards rhinoplasty.

Dr. Salzhauer took this idea of rhinoplasty for the Jewish culture and, along with an orthodox Jewish punk band, The Groggers, made the music video titled “Jewcan Sam (A Nose Job Love Song)”.

Some are Appalled at the Video

A large number of watchers reacted negatively to the videos release. Salzhauer received comments that the song played directly on the stereotype of the Jewish hook nose and was greatly disrespectful. He and the main singer of the band have appeared on many talk shows such as “The Dr’s” to discuss the outrage over the video.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has even issued a statement that they have, “initiated an investigation under its Code of Ethics which clearly requires ASPS members to uphold the dignity and honor of the medical profession.”

Others Don’t Mind at All

What about the other side of the coin, though? Dr. Salzhauer has said multiple times that the song and video were all in fun. It was meant to promote his scholarship plan for young Jewish men and women who wanted a better chance at finding love and to generally poke fun at himself and his own culture.

Lead singer, Doug Staiman, actually received a nose job for the video! Dr. Salzhauer offered it to him and he accepted so that the video would have real visual effect.

Message: Rhinoplasty Won’t Fix Your Life

While the general idea of the song is that a boy has rhinoplasty surgery in order to impress a girl, it ends with the girl still not falling for him, making the message clear that simply having corrective surgery will not automatically improve your dating life.

As our rhinoplasty surgeon points out, “The purpose of nasal revision surgery is to improve your own self-confidence which in turn makes you more receptive to dating. What it won’t do is change who you are as a person.”

This is the idea Dr. Salzhauer has been telling everyone he was trying to get across and also the fact that it was done in fun and meant to be humorous. The majority of internet viewers have taken his side in the matter.

At the End of The Day, It’s Just One More Successful Nose Job

Such controversy has circled around this issue, but is it really worth it? The overall truth of the matter is that people everywhere, including ethnic groups with prominent nose traits, are opting for nose reconstruction surgery.

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