Our Nose Job NY & New York City Rhinoplasty Patients Ask: What is Rhinoplasty?Our nose job NY specialists receive many questions from patients who are considering cosmetic surgery. When it comes to nose surgery, patients often ask our nose doctor, “What is rhinoplasty?”

Many patients are aware of the terms “nose job” and “nasal surgery,” and rhinoplasty is just the technical term for the surgical procedure designed to reshape the nose.

Why is a Nose Job Performed?

There are many different reasons why patients desire nose reconstruction surgery. Rhinoplasty can reshape the nose to change the size, shape or angle, and it can correct a variety of defects such as a deviated septum repair.

Some of the most common changes to the nose include the following:

  • Change the overall size of the nose to make it larger or smaller.

  • Change the angle between the nose and upper lip.

  • Nose tip surgery.

  • Remove a bump or hump on the nasal bridge.

  • Improve breathing problems, such as deviated septum repair.

How is Surgery Performed?

Rhinoplasty may be performed with either general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Our surgeon may use a closed rhinoplasty technique in which incisions are confined to the inside of the nose or he may use an open rhinoplasty technique in which a small incision is made on the underside of the nose (the columella).

Through these incisions, bone and cartilage may be removed or tissue may be added to achieve the desired effect.

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