Our Surgeons Discuss Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Our rhinoplasty New York City & nose job Manhattan surgeons discuss types of ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. Free consultation.When it comes down to it, rhinoplasty is about improving the nose of the client to better fit their facial features, but not to give everyone the same nose.

Many different ethnicities and heritages have very distinct features that patients at that come through our nose job New York City &  Long Island offices.

Many, in fact, want to still see a hint of their genetic roots after receiving their nose job surgery. Highlighted below are a few examples of the prominently seen cases.

Types of Ethnic Nose Jobs We Perform

Jewish Lineage

There has been a long running, and overused joke, that people of Jewish descent have large noses. While it’s not the nicest thing to categorize people, all stereotypes stem from somewhere and the truth is, some of our patients in this group may have a larger nose gene floating around in their family trees.

For some men and women of this descent, it can be a defining factor for them. But for others, it can be a little overwhelming. A nose reshaping for someone of Jewish decent might involve making of the nose smaller but not entirely stripping it of its “character”.

This can be achieved by eliminating excess tip size and refining bridge bumps but still retaining a slight curvature in the end.

African American Descent

African American patients have a similar mindset when heading in for surgery with our nose job Manhattan & Long Island surgeons. Some patients may want corrective surgery for a breathing problem or a slight deformity they are not happy with, but there is a big importance on maintaining the overall “style” of the nose.

There are certain characteristics of the African American nose such as a wider and flatter nasal bridge, nostrils that are flared especially when smiling, and thicker skin. To eliminate any of these major features would leave the patient looking a little less like themselves.

Therefore, our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York rhinoplasty surgeons aim to refine the nose rather than completely change it.

Patients of Middle Eastern Heritage

Not unlike the other examples mentioned, some middle easterners can have prominent nose features. A significant hump, long profile, and large tip are a few of the underlying reasons some look into rhinoplasty.

A nose job is generally a procedure sought after by the young women of this culture, although men are now beginning to take the leap as well.

A Nose Job has Something for Everyone

Everybody’s body, skin, face, and nose look different from each other and if we all went in and got the same looking nose, then life would become a bit boring! There is a distinct style and type of enhancement fit for each individual based on their present features.

Our rhinoplasty surgeons on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will help you find the right look. One of the best ways to see for yourself is to browse through his before and after album of other nose job patients to find someone who started off with a nose like yours and see what the end result looks like.

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