Rhinoplasty New York City & Long Island Specialists Perform Wide Nose Nostril Surgery

Rhinoplasty New York City and nose job Long Island surgeons perform wide nose nostril surgery. Free consultation.Many patients who come to the nose job New York City and Long Island centers of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York are looking to improve the appearance of a wide nose.

In fact, this is often a common complaint among certain ethnic groups of patients. Wide nose rhinoplasty with our nose surgeons can dramatically improve the width of the nostrils or bridge and balance overall facial appearance.

Understanding Nasal Width

There are many different factors which can contribute to the appearance of a wide nose including wide nasal bones, wide portions of cartilage in the middle vault, a wide nasal tip, wide nostrils, and thick skin.

If the nose is short, it can sometimes give the illusion of excess width. If areas of the nose are too narrow, they may make adjacent areas look too wide. The nose may be wide in just one or two areas, such as a wide nasal tip, or it may be wide from top to bottom.

Our rhinoplasty New York City and Long Island specialists carefully evaluate the nose to determine the underlying cause of nasal width and how best to address it to create an optimal result.

Techniques for Narrowing the Nose at Our Nose Job New York City & Long Island Centers

There are many different techniques which may be used to narrow an overly wide nose. The correct technique will depend on the underlying cause of the excess width.

Two common techniques for narrowing a wide nose include alar base reduction and osteotomy. Alar base reduction is a technique to narrow wide nostrils. Incisions are made at the base of each nostril, resulting in well-concealed nose job scars, and excess tissue is removed.

Osteotomy involves breaking the nasal bones and moving them inward. This is generally used to address excess width in the middle and upper portions of the nose.

Osteotomy can increase the rhinoplasty recovery time, as well as the bruising and swelling, but is generally well worth it. When narrowing the nose, it is very important that special precautions are taken to ensure proper function and that breathing is maintained.

Get a Free Consultation in Our Rhinoplasty New York City or Long Island Centers

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team has many years of experience in creating beautiful, natural  results. To learn more about our methods for narrowing a wide nose or to schedule a complimentary consultation at our rhinoplasty New York City or Long Island centers, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today.

You may also view our nose job before and after photo gallery to see pictures of our satisfied patients.