Is it worth it? Our rhinoplasty New York & nose reshaping NY surgeons offer tips to people considering surgery.So many people are reaching out for rhinoplasty but are fighting with the confusion as to whether receiving the surgery is worth all the fuss. Deciding whether or not this procedure is right for you is a major decision that only you can make.

Rest assured that our surgeons are here to ease your mind and to answer the many questions surrounding: “Is rhinoplasty worth it?”

Will I Really be Happy with my Results?

Once the bandages come off it can be pretty nerve-racking taking that first look in the mirror. What if you don’t like it? What if it is different than you expected?

These are all legitimate worries but can be curbed by taking the time beforehand to get your mind ready for what you will be seeing. Confidence in our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team’s ability to give you a new nose will happen as soon as you see the change and realize that you look as great as you wanted to look!

What About the Risks of a Bad Nose Job?

If you are on the internet pouring over all the rhinoplasty forums, it is inevitable that you will run into a lot of horror stories and bad surgeon experiences.

Of course it happens, but it that kind of thing usually occurs when people don’t do the adequate research and didn’t bother to fully investigate the surgeon before taking the leap.

At our nose reshaping NY and rhinoplasty Long Island practices, you have the chance to have personal face time with and see what others are saying about our rhinoplasty surgeons. You will also find that our patients are overwhelmingly happy with the results they receive!

Healing After Surgery in our Rhinoplasty New York Centers

Will Recovery be Difficult?

Rhinoplasty recovery time is definitely the big part of surgery as it takes time to go through. You are undergoing corrective surgery so it should be expected that there will be swelling and some pain for a little while, all of which will be helped through prescriptions given to you.

You will feel like sitting out for a short while but once the initial effects from surgery pass, you will be able to resume normal life with your new nose. Swelling after rhinoplasty will take a while to subside, but some results will still be able to be seen as soon as the bandages are removed. Full results take about 12 months to see.

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