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Many rhinoplasty patients are anxious to see what their nose might look like after surgery. With technological advancements, they can now get a glimpse before ever stepping into the operating room.

ModiFace is an app that gives people digital makeovers. It’s only available for the Apple iOS and Android smartphones. Many people have used it over the years to play with their faces to see how they could look different. They manipulate their face, so they have a skinnier nose, higher cheek bones, more or less makeup, or even less wrinkles.

Recently, the company behind ModiFace announced the “Anti-Aging Beauty Mirror.” This advancement in their technology uses a Kinect sensor, which attaches to the top of a Windows PC. It enables users to digitally try on makeup such as eye shadow, lipstick, and blush to see if the shades are right for their skin tone as well as their eye and hair color.

The Anti-Aging Beauty Mirror app is mainly used to help people shop for makeup online so they can see if a particular shade works for them.

Another use for this app is seeing what plastic surgery could make someone look like. Users can reshape their noses or even give themselves cheek lifts. The before and after views show users the dramatic difference they could get after having plastic surgery.

Should You Count on It?

While the intention behind the Kinect sensor is good, it’s likely this application could mislead people. While the application can do anything to your nose, it’s not always possible for plastic surgeons to contour your nose exactly to what you believe your nose should look like. Individual differences in the nose can have an effect on results after plastic surgery.

This is why a better choice is to meet directly with a plastic surgeon who can better describe to you what your nose may look like following a rhinoplasty. Some plastic surgeons have specific post-surgery simulation software that can use photos of your face to create previews of what you could look like after surgery. It only takes a few minutes, and the benefit over the Kinect sensor is that it is specifically made for plastic surgery patients with the expert input from a plastic surgeon.

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