There was a lot of buzz recently about the 2013 Miss Korea beauty pageant contestants–and their incredible uniformity. Photos of the girls without makeup lends credibility to the idea that photo editing, hair, makeup, and clothing were the main reasons the contestants looked so alike.

However, the uproar does bring up some interesting questions about the role of plastic surgery in pageants. This isn’t the first time the Miss Korea pageant has made it into the news, either. 2012 was a controversial year for the pageant as well.

Korean Plastic Surgery Scandal

Kim Yumi, 21, won the Miss Korea pageant in July of 2012. But old yearbook photos quickly surfaced, looking nothing like the beauty queen who won the crown. People were outraged and disappointed with the revelation, many calling her a fraud, with some saying she should not have been allowed to keep the title because of her obvious cosmetic surgeries.

Yumi defended herself by saying “…I was shocked that the papers made it out like I claimed to have been a natural beauty. I never once said that I was born beautiful.”Should Plastic Surgery in Beauty Pageants be Considered Cheating?

Is Plastic Surgery in Pageants a Problem?

The argument against cosmetic surgery for beauty pageant contestants has a lot to do with the idea of natural beauty. This doesn’t hold up, however when one considers that all beauty pageant contestants wear a great deal of makeup and often enhance their natural hair.

Makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, and photo editors all have a hand in helping beauty pageant contestants look the way they do. Additionally, in a country where nearly 20% of women in Seoul have had some sort of plastic surgery, it’s rather surprising how many were angered by Yumi’s confession.

Plastic Surgery for Personal Reasons

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