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When you first decided to get a nose job, you had a good idea of what you wanted your nose to look like after the procedure. Unfortunately, sometimes results don’t look like you expected. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, you’re probably feeling frustrated or even depressed.

How you are feeling is completely normal. You had high hopes for your rhinoplasty, and the outcome didn’t live up to them. This is the #1 reason people seek a revision rhinoplasty, or also referred to as a secondary rhinoplasty.

What You Need to Know

The full results of a rhinoplasty may take up to a year to see. This is why many plastic surgeons will not perform a secondary one until after a year following the first procedure.

Another reason surgeons wait is because tissue hardens after a procedure. Going back into the nose can be difficult with hardened tissue. After a year, scar tissue often softens, making it much easier for surgeons to do their job and have positive results.

As someone who has been through a rhinoplasty before, you don’t want to risk another unsatisfactory nose job. Waiting a year means waiting for your nose to repair itself, and gives you a better chance of finally getting the nose shape you really want.

Choosing a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Many plastic surgeons perform nose jobs, but revision rhinoplasty is not something that every facial plastic surgeon can do well. When choosing a surgeon for a secondary rhinoplasty, consider these factors:

  1. Specialization in Facial Plastic Surgery

Ensure that the plastic surgeon specializes in facial plastic surgery. Those that specialize in nose jobs have extensive training and experience in the procedure.

  1. Plastic Surgeon Reviews

Look at what others have to say about a plastic surgeon. Read as many patient reviews as possible. The Internet is one of the first places people go to find reviews, so search online.

  1. Examine Before and After Photos

When you can see a plastic surgeon’s work in pictures, it will make you much more comfortable. Seeing how one patient’s nose went from unattractive to beautiful will give you the encouragement you need to follow through with a particular plastic surgeon.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons specialize in primary and revision rhinoplasty. We know you want this time to be the last for getting a nose job, which is why we offer a full before & after photo album to help you see how you may look after surgery.

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Since you’ve already paid for one rhinoplasty, we understand the cost of a second one may be more than you can afford. To help you with that, we offer 100% plastic surgery financing with low monthly payments.