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Getting a nose job may not only make you look different, but it could make you sound different too. A new study was just published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which is the medical journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

For the study, researchers analyzed the voice quality of 27 rhinoplasty patients. There were 22 women and five men, and they had an average age of 24 years. Before and after the surgery, each patient completed a questionnaire and had his or her voice recorded.

Professional listeners did not hear a difference between the before and after recordings. However, the questionnaire showed there were some differences in voice quality, especially when it came to expressing emotions. There were no differences in the speaking abilities of the patients though.

Structural Reasons for Voice Quality Differences

Narrowing of the nasal cavity may be the reason voice frequency and amplitude changed. The researchers speculate, “The changes in surface area of nasal cavity may increase airflow resistance and cause an increase in sound absorption and a decrease in passing sound amplitude.”

What’s important to understand is that while there was some difference in voices of the patients, it was not a significant one. It is not enough of a change to affect the person’s quality of life. Those who use their voice professionally and may have previously held concerns about changes after can put their fears to rest after the results of this study.

It is quite possible a rhinoplasty can actually improve a person’s voice. Those who do not have enough air flowing through the nasal cavity (due to a deviated septum, for example) may sound nasally when they speak, and with septoplasty the nasal cavity can be opened up, allowing more air to go through it, and thus correcting a nasal-sounding voice.

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