How young is too young to have plastic surgery?  The number of teenagers that have gone under the knife has doubled in the past 8 years.  So what is it exactly that is driving teens to have these procedures?

Some people get cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to obtain a slice of the glitz and glamour that the media promotes by showing celebrities as gods and goddesses. But what if a plastic surgery could take away the name-calling, the self-hatred, and the physical pain?

For a teen who is bullied for the size of their nose, a rhinoplasty procedure could be an appealing avenue to take in the pursuit of happiness.  For a teen girl with breasts that are causing her back pain and ridicule, a breast reduction surgery could be her answer to a normal life.

What Do The Experts Say?Rise in Teen Rhinoplasty Procedures

According to the Today Show, one guest plastic surgeon stated, “I think that having that stigma of a large nose taken care of allows a teenager to focus on other important aspects of their growth and their school.”

On the other hand, psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy asserts, “It’s not always that body issue that is the issue, sometimes there is other stuff… these children are part of families, they’re part of communities, and there may be other things that are not working that are driving that need for the surgery.”

Some plastic surgeons with teen patients recommend at least four sessions with a therapist before consultation.

Call The Experts

Any parent today remembers how difficult their teen years were. Today’s teens have even more pressure to look and be perfect. Parents of teens these days are sometimes presented with the issue of their teenager wanting plastic surgery in order to change the way they look.

If you are unsure about how to talk to your teenager about plastic surgery, give our centers a call today. We will provide you and your teen with the best advice about rhinoplasty and why it is most often the best decision to wait.

Getting a nose job in NYC or Long Island with our surgeons is extremely safe and produces permanent results. Unfortunately, for a teenager, timing is an issue due to their age. Still, about 25% of our patients are teenagers.

If you are looking for a top rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC or Long Island, then the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team is an excellent choice.