It’s normal for adolescents to worry about their appearance, and most kids will suffer from low self-esteem at one time or another during stages of rapid change. It’s all part of growing up.

But what happens when self-esteem issues get out of hand? What, for instance, compelled 13-year-old Nicolette Taylor to become one of the youngest rhinoplasty New York patients of all time?

The answer is simple: bullying.

Bullying, Teens, Self-Esteem | Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgeon NYC, Long IslandBullying Affects Self-Esteem Heavily

Nicolette was a pretty, popular 7th grader, but her peers were constantly making fun of her nose, calling her names like “Big Nose Taylor” and making unkind comments on her Facebook page.

Understandably, this took a toll on Nicolette’s self-esteem, and she soon started dreaming of a beautiful new nose that no one could make fun of. After breaking her nose twice during her childhood, she wanted a straighter, smaller nose to complement her face.

Most facial plastic surgeons won’t perform nose surgery on such a young patient because the nose needs time to mature (usually around age 15-17), but Nicolette was determined, and her parents supported her desire for a nose job. So they decided to move forward with the surgery.

Following the procedure, Nicolette was thrilled with her new nose, and was well on her way to regaining her self-esteem. Though she was unusually young for the surgery, she’s not alone; ABC news states that almost 250,000 teens had plastic surgery in 2010. Bullying and diminished self-worth are serious issues that must be addressed. For emotionally mature teens, plastic surgery might be a possible solution.

How We Can Help

If your teen wants rhinoplasty, consider their concerns carefully. You need to take bullying seriously, but don’t rush right out and book the procedure. Rhinoplasty is a complex and major surgery, and your teen must be physically and emotionally mature enough to handle it.

A consultation with one of our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons is a good place to start. Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can help you determine if your son or daughter is a good candidate for a nose job in NYC or Long Island with our specialists.

Call today to schedule a free consultation and get the answers that will help you and your teen make an informed decision together.