Can a nose job make you more confident?
Teenager Receives Free Nose Job After Being Bullied | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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A South Carolina teenager recently received a nose job because bullies diminished her self-esteem. The procedure was paid for by a charity, which aims to empower children.

Renata was in beauty pageants when she was younger. As she grew up, her nose also grew. Kids in school started calling her “the girl with the big nose.”

The tormenting led Renata to isolate herself from the world. Her parents decided to keep her home and home school her in order to protect her from the bullying.

However, after three years, Renata started to feel as though she would, “never have any friends or anyone to be there for her.”

Her parents were unable to pay the price for a rhinoplasty, so she decided to research online. This is what led her to a charity organization called Little Baby Face Foundation.

Little Baby Face Foundation is a non-profit group helping children with birth defects pay for plastic surgery. When Renata reached out to Dr. Thomas Romo, he agreed to perform the procedure.

For Renata’s nose, Dr. Romo repaired a deviated septum. He also placed cheek implants into her face to balance her face with her nose.

Renata reports that she feels more confident now and has returned to school to join her peers. She feels the surgery was not only helpful to her, but also to her bullies.

I think if [the bullies] see you getting the surgery to fix something they teased you about it would make them feel bad and maybe it would change their mind about doing it.

Since the procedure, there has been some controversy regarding the use of plastic surgery in response to bullying. There has been opposition from psychologists such as Vivian Diller who begs the question, “Is there some benefit for learning to struggle against adversity?”

Renata’s mother feels differently.

I don’t think it’s sending the wrong message – [Renata] still sees what she sees in the mirror and it has an effect on her self-esteem and confidence regardless of what anyone says.

Parents crack children’s teeth with braces to make their teeth straighter – they’re still the same kid on the inside. Unfortunately, people are judged on how they look.

Dr. Romo is in complete agreement with Renata and her mother. He believes, “We can’t go after the bully, but we can try and empower the children.”

Plastic surgery is a personal decision between a child and his or her parents. It is not a decision to be taken lightly. Many children are born with birth defects that can be easily corrected with plastic surgery. If you feel as though your child could benefit from rhinoplasty or facial plastic surgery, you have a right to explore your options.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we sit down with prospective teen patients and their parents to discuss the nose job procedure fully. We want you to make a well-informed and educated decision.

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