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By using this site, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions for use of this site. If you do not agree to the terms below, exit this site at once. If you have questions about any of these terms, please feel free to call our offices and ask to speak with our Medical & Surgical Director, A. Abraham Levin, MD at (631) 499-1831.

When you submit a consultation request form or provide us with any information from our website including your name, contact information, physical state, and treatment desired, third parties may see that information including outside companies we use to track patient leads as well as employees of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. Your personal information is never shared with anyone other than the aforementioned entities/individuals that have access to the information you fill out online after submitting requests for a consultation or requests to be contacted by us.

All images are of professional models, unless otherwise specified as a before and after picture of a real surgical patient such as those found in our before and after galleries. Model & stock images may have been digitally enhanced by the photographers and do not in any way represent the results you can expect after surgery in our centers.

You should not expect to receive the same results from a cosmetic procedure as shown in the model's images or in our before and after gallery or anywhere on our site or in our marketing materials, both online and in printed form or in pictures or written words. Every patient will experience unique and individual results. Content on this website does not promise, warrant, or guarantee results that you can expect from surgery with us. Images and written information on this site is not to be used in making decisions about expected outcomes from surgery. Only one of our cosmetic surgeons can help you set specific expectations for results you can expect after a procedure or from treatment in our centers. You must come in and meet with one of our surgeons in person to learn realistic expectations and outcomes for your individual situation. The content on this site is not an endorsement for surgery. Some individuals are not ideal candidates for surgery, should not have cosmetic/plastic surgery. You should always speak with a medical professional before making a decision to pursue surgery or treatment of any kind.

Before & after images of actual patients include those of current & prior surgeons at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. They provided written permission for their images to be used online and offline for marketing purposes. None of the patients shown on our site were paid for appearing on our site. The specific surgeon that performed surgery as shown in a specific before/after patient may not be employed with our practice any longer. For specific information on which surgeon corresponds to a specific before/after photo shown on our site, please contact our offices for more information.

Patients providing testimonial statements were treated either by current or prior doctors at our practice. Results will vary per patient. Testimonial statements displayed on our site do not accurately represent the results that every patient can expect after surgery. Patients were not remunerated for their comments and provided written permission for their comments and/or name to be shown. If requesting to remain anonymous, fictitious initials or names were used to disguise their real identity. Where requested, we removed the doctor's name from some testimonial statements at the request of the doctor in cases where that doctor is no longer employed at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

This site is not intended to provide medical advice of any kind or nature.  Any information on this site that discusses health conditions, the treatment of health conditions, suggestion for better health or wellness, nutrition, exercise or anything else pertaining to your health and well being should not be used as medical advice in any way. This site contains opinion-based and research-gathered information that may or may not be an accurate representation of your individual condition or physical state. We are not responsible for unintended misinformation or facts stated on this website. You agree to consult a medical professional for verification of any information found on this website and to hold us harmless in all cases, implied or otherwise. This site is not intended for nor should it be used as a substitute for seeking the advice and medical treatment of a medical doctor. Call 911 or your doctor immediately if you have health concerns of any kind.

Every surgery and procedure done in our offices carries some degree of risk for complications and negative side effects. Our surgical or administrative staff will provide you with a full list of these risks and complications. Always consider all risks before proceeding with surgery, treatments, or procedures of any kind, regardless of whether they are invasive or non-surgical in nature and regardless of the implied positive results cosmetically or medically.

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