If you’re considering nose reconstruction surgery, our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island specialist in an expert nose surgeon and will do everything possible to ensure a positive outcome and minimize your risk for revision.

At the nose job New York and Long Island centers of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, rhinoplasty is one of our most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

In fact, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures nationwide, but it is also one of the most challenging surgeries for any nose doctor to perform and it has one of the highest revision rates.

Nose Job New York Surgeon Tips: Understanding Revision Surgery

Nose Job New York and Rhinoplasty NYC Surgeon Offers Tips for Avoiding Revision RhinoplastyRevision rhinoplasty is a secondary procedure performed to correct problems resulting from primary rhinoplasty surgery. The reality is that even with the most qualified and experienced surgeons, revisions are sometimes necessary.

In fact, among highly-qualified rhinoplasty specialists, the revision rate ranges from 5% to 15%, and many if not most of these involve only minor revisions. For some less-qualified surgeons, however, the revision rate may be as much as 30% or more and may involve major re-do’s.

Patient factors like skin thickness, as well as surgical errors may play a role in the need for revision rhinoplasty. Additionally, the healing process after rhinoplasty can be unpredictable and not easily controlled by the surgeon. As such, problems can result which may require revision.

Nevertheless, revision rates will be significantly less for qualified surgeons like the nose job New York and Long Island experts at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York than for doctors with less experience.

As a result, it’s essential that you choose a Board Certified and experienced plastic surgeon like our rhinoplasty New York City experts on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team. They can successfully perform your primary rhinoplasty procedure and minimize your risk for revision.

Minimize Your Risk of Revision with Our Nose Job New York Specialists

To minimize your risk for revision, choose your primary rhinoplasty surgeon carefully. Board certification is important, be sure to ask a lot of questions, check reputations, and look at before and after photos.

Make sure that you convey your desires and goals as well as any concerns. Having realistic expectations is also essential. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team has many years of experience in providing our rhinoplasty NYC and Long Island patients with exceptional and natural results.

To learn more about rhinoplasty or to schedule a consultation at our nose job New York (Long Island) or Manhattan centers, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today.

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